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Communicating Strategy is published by Routledge (Originally Gower).
UK: ISBN-13: 978-0-566-08810-0
US: ISBN: 0 566 08810 X
Published, February 2008
198 pages Paperback

Communicating Strategy is available from both the Routledge and Amazon web sites

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Communicating Strategy (Front Cover)


Communicating Strategy is also available on Kindle and as an ebook from Routledge and other ebook providers of Strategy Mapping

International editions

Communicating Strategy is also available in Polish:  “Komunikowanie Strategii” is published by Wolters Kluwer

Bulk purchases

We can arrange bulk purchases if you would like a set of copies for your team or organisation. Contact us or the publisher, Gower directly, for details.

Signed Copies

Signed copies are available directly from the Author. Price £40 plus postage and packaging. Contact the author, Phil Jones, for details

More information

Read the book, and most importantly, follow what it says and I hope you will be a better and more skilled at communication as a manager or direcor

As author I am happy to talk to people about their strategy communication issues:  Drop me an email…or call