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NHS: Focusing a Management team on what matters: their strategy.

Helping a Management team focus on what matters: their strategy.

Improving Strategy, Management focus & performance in the NHS:  Helping management team set out their direction and strategy to become clearer about what they needed to deliver. Uses a Strategic Balanced Scorecard approach. Management. (Leicester, Northampton & Rutland Workforce Development Confederation)

Keywords: Balanced scorecard and strategy map in the NHS: Improving strategy, focus and performance in the NHS. Management team direction, strategy, Strategic Balanced Scorecard.

The client was the Workforce Development Confederation (WDC) of a Strategic Health Authority (SHA). This WDC had a budget of over £100m for training and developing health professions within its region. WDCs support a wide variety of health trusts in their area and are frequently pulled in many directions with limited budgets. WDCs have to look at the future demands on the workforce commission training for Health professionals. They also act like the HR department of its associated SHA, supporting the recruitment and retention of health care professionals, setting career development paths, supporting leadership and assisting with organisational change in the various health trusts.

The Chief Executive of the WDC described her need as:

  1. Strategy: Help us focus on what matters, communicate it effectively and demonstrate progress and achievement.
  2. Performance management role: Improve decision making for us and our partners
  3. As a team: Develop our skills, capabilities and joint working. Help us create a greater understanding of each other’s roles and contribution

Strategy mapping in the NHS