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4G Strategic Balanced Scorecard Principles: How we think about strategy

Clients are asking us, “How do we move away from an annual strategy process, to treating strategy as a process …

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Organisational agility requires two preceeding capabilities

Many organisations want to be agile.  The problem is that agility requires two earlier steps.  You can have an agile …

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Upside down organisation charts: Using them effectively

Upside down organisation charts are re-drawn with a purpose: to invite executives to think differently about their organisation and their …

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Strategy does not exist without tensions

Strategy & elastic band

Many years ago I realised something while working with clients on their strategy.  I realised that there were points in …

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The one test of a useful Balanced Scorecard

In my role as a Strategy and Performance Consultant, I see a lots of ‘balanced scorecards’.  In over 20 years, …

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Symbolic strategy maps

Quite often a client will want to present their strategy as a simpler picture than the full, detailed one page …

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Strategy maps need a clear and explicit Business Model

Working with a client last year I placed a draft strategy map on the wall. Actually I placed their business …

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Mind the gap: The perils of strategy mapping

Mind The Gap

Strategy maps are a very visual tool.  So sometimes small details catch someone’s eye.  However, the picture might be saying …

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