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How clients use us

Making strategy happen

Most of our work starts with the Executive team and helps then articulate and develop their strategy.  We run workshops with the team focused on ensuring they all leave the room telling the same story of the strategy.  This is done my making sure there is a rich understanding of the whole breadth of the strategy and how it will be implemented.  Much of what we are doing is improving the quality of conversation amongst the team.  helping them tease out their underlying thinking ad assumptions and sharing them.  deliberately creating arguments and discussions that they can resolve.

Articulating and Communicating the strategy

It is very common for us to help a client articulate their strategy in a clear simple format.  Sometimes as a strategy map: other times as a written description.  Always short, clear and to the point.

Sometimes this leads to work helping clients communicate and socialise their strategy (with the clients always doing the presentations as it is their strategy).

Ensuring the strategy can be implemented

Then our work is in support of the implementation and roll-out of a strategy in an organisation.

Most clients come to us knowing what their strategy is: they want help articulating it, communicating it, cascading it through the organisation and making it happen.

Sometimes our clients will want to take a step back and make sure their strategy is robust and clear.  To have us help them thrash the strategy out and get it clear before they start to tell the rest of the organisation.

Cultural and Behavioural based change

We rarely start here, as we usually start with the strategy itself.  The nature of the strategic change can be significant.  Most of our clients appreciate we are asking for the drivers of change and what will actually be different in the future.  This inevitably leads to conversations about the embedded culture and learnt behaviours.  Fortunately, we have research and experience of creating culture and behavioural change. How to overcome and re-learn the deeply embedded leant behaviours.  Have a read of our “Culture change zone

We have helped large clients make significant organisational transformations.  Other times the change is deeper and more significant: being about changing the underlying behaviours and ways of thinking that have become embedded in an organisation.

Performance management problems

We often come across clients that are sense their strategy and performance management approach could be improved, or are encountering problems with the way their strategy or performance is being managed.   So we run our diagnostic process over these situations to provide a baseline from which to address the problems and improve things.

Strategy management problems: Giving confidence to strategy implementation & execution

More and more we are coming across clients who want to get away from the trap of annual strategy, plans and budgets to create a more responsive adaptable organisation.  This means significantly changing the strategy and planning processes.  This is an aspect that our fourth generation balanced scorecard approach has been specifically designed for.

Updating older style, ineffective balanced scorecards or performance management approaches

Many clients operate old style balanced scorecards and want to update them.  Others come to us with a specific request for aspects of modern, or fourth generation balanced scorecards. to solve particular performance management problems.  They might want their measures to be more meaningful or make  a significant improvement to the way strategy, people and performance are discussed and managed.   Usually we start with an appreciation of modern and fourth generation balanced scorecards or go straight into our customised Balanced Scorecard training from where we can start tackling the problems and making the improvements.

Even wicked problems

We occasionally get asked to solve “wicked problems”.  Situations where the problem itself is unclear and the approach is definitely not clear.  If you have a wicked problem then contact us directly.

Sector experience

We have extensive experience across sectors.  From large international corporates to small charities.

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