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About Excitant: Who are we, what are we and what is our approach

What is Excitant?

Philip Jones, Chief Executive & founder of Excitant Ltd

Philip Jones, Chief Executive & founder of Excitant Ltd

Excitant is a niche Strategy & Performance Management consultancy.

Excitant Ltd was founded in 2002, by Phil Jones, to promote the effective management of strategy and strategic performance management, through people to get results.  An approach supported by using the Balanced Scorecard approach properly.

This has developed.  A core technique is our Fourth Generation Strategic Balanced Scorecard Approach. This originated from our work with Norton & Kaplan, together with over 20 year’s experience with many clients, and important updates that reflect how we do business today. We call this “Excitant’s Fourth Generation Strategic Balanced Scorecard Approach“.

Our clients find that our approach to decision making and taking improves there decision processes.  After all this is all about making good decisions, executing well and learning from those decision quickly.

Fifteen years on we have developed this further to strategy execution that required behavioural changes. One client referred to our approach as “How we should manage in the second decade of the 21st century.”

We have a view about how strategy, people and performance is managed in organisations, (including the much greater need for plain English). You can read about that in our Manifesto.

What is “An Excitant”?

Pronounced Ex-cit-ant, as in Exciting. (Though it also sounds nice when people pronounce it with a French accent).

Our name comes from a word for a particular type of stimulant. A substance which when entered into a body helps to improve its vital function.  Our role is to improve the vital functions of our clients’ organisations.

Our business model

We are a consultancy that provides specialist expertise to our clients.

We have a small network of associates. These are people who we have either worked with as clients or fellow consultants, so we know and trust them.

We spend time researching our sector and the disciplines and developments. You can read more about our recent and current research here,

We don’t do work that is not within our expertise or competency. We would prefer to pass you on to someone who is a specialist in that area.

Our approach

We want to pass our skills, expertise and experience onto our clients. We do NOT want to create a dependency. We expect you learn the approach so you build capability from our work. We sometimes call this the “Vulcan mind meld bit”. We want you to have a self sustaining solution, because you end up with a better solutions and we end up with a better reference site.

Contact us

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