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A strategy document is different to a strategic plan

Strategy Word

A strategy document serves a different purpose to a strategic plan.  Confusion between these different documents causes good strategies to …

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Definitions of strategy: A persistent pattern of behaviour

When a client tells me “We don’t have a strategy”,  I don’t believe them.  I use a simple question to …

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ISO9000:2015 Strategic Direction – A strategy management perspective

Quality Tick

Are you planning to upgrade to ISO9000:2015?  If so, this article provides practical advice for organisations wanting to establish and …

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What stops long term thinking and planning in organisations?

One of the things I find as a consultant is the need to discuss with the client “The presenting problem”, …

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Strategy does not exist without tensions

Strategy & elastic band

Many years ago I realised something while working with clients on their strategy.  I realised that there were points in …

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First choose your approach to strategy, then choose your strategy

In the world of strategic thinking and models there are many ways to think about strategy: but there are also …

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The Chief Executive and the Lightbulb: How we think about performance management


As I talked, I noticed that the Chief Executive was no longer listening.  She had gone into that state of …

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Passion is NOT a strategy!

Passion Fruit

OK, I will admit, I am completely fed up reading various web pages, listening to talks and hearing people say, …

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Insight 4: It’s about behaviours, (Stupid!) The Deeply Embedded Learnt Behaviours.

Insight 4: It’s about behaviours, (Stupid!)  The Deeply Embedded Learnt Behaviours. This insight is part is a series of six …

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