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Our Manifesto

Our objective

Our objective is to improve the way organisations are managed so they get better results, through their people.

Why a Manifesto?

The Excitant Manifesto (Cover image)

If you know why you are doing something then, what you do, and how you do it, become obvious.

It is what we believe. It is that sense of purpose that drives our clarity of action.

We have always provided our consultancy from particular points of principle, viewpoints and beliefs in how organisations operate and where problems often lie.

When we have stated these views, our clients have appreciated the clarity this brings.

Our manifesto puts a voice to that thinking. Here, you can read the The Excitant Manifesto

Our Manifesto

In summary, our manifesto:

  1. It is about Human Beings
  2. It is about the quality of conversation
  3. Organisations are living social entities: It is about learning and growing
  4. Performance management: It is about behaviours
  5. Plain English in Business Language
  6. It is about leadership with management

The manifesto details our thinking and the campaigns that support it. It also describes how
we develop our expertise and our approach to delivering consultancy.

Four campaigns

The Excitant Manifesto (Cover image)

From this manifesto we have developed four campaigns that we apply during our work

  1. The campaign for plain English
  2. Performance Management should treat people like Human Beings
  3. Treating Strategy as a Learning Process
  4. Improving the Quality of Conversation and the Quality of action – at every level of the organisation, and outside.

These campaigns are part of our fourth Generation Balanced Scorecard approach.

Open and read The_Excitant_Manifesto