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Strategy does not exist without tensions

Strategy & elastic band

Many years ago I realised something while working with clients on their strategy.  I realised that there were points in …

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The Six Step Decision Process: How executive teams make effective decisions

Excitants Six Step Decisio

Making good decisions and executing them well is fundamental to an organisation’s strategy and its performance.  How organisations make and …

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Thinking, fast and slow, about strategy and decision making

If you are involved with strategy in any way, I strongly recommend that you read the latest book by the …

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Strategy, analysis and decision making, as a conversation.

The more I talk through the idea of “quality of conversation” with executives and managers i meet and work with, …

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Rationale people: Econs, Workers and Human beings – encouraging behaviours.

There is a running joke between economists and psychologists: Economists, have a model of a rational decision maker.  Psychologists are used …

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Are you “just an employee” or “a person in the business”?

Recently I have been interviewing executives who have either created exceptionally high performing cultures, or who have achieved significant cultural …

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What we want is strategic agility and speed: What stops us and helps us?

Back in the boom around 2000 I was Chief Technology Officer of a start-up that changed direction 180 degrees …

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Strategy in uncertainty: what tools are useful?

At an Institute of Director’s economic briefing in November, the Chief Economist of the IOD said that we are still …

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