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Consortium: Aligning purpose, risk and reward

Aligning purpose, risk and reward in a bid consortium.

Keywords techniques: Collaboration, consortium and partnership working, Risk and reward, Strategy map, Management team facilitation

A consortium of five organisations asked us to help them align risks and rewards during the bid process for a large and prestigious public-private initiative. We helped them develop an overall strategy and discuss where issues were causing under performance. This case study explains the approach we took to aligning risks and rewards before it was too late in the bid process. A strategy map was used to explain how risks were being shared.

The consortium brought together five organisations, with differing skills and contributions, to the table. This was a big opportunity for them all, with high pay-offs, high bid costs and various risks to be managed. However, the overall bid manager recognised that problems were brewing. The consortium members disagreed on both means and ends, as well as contribution, risks and rewards. Even within individual companies, there were differences. We were asked to help the consortium make explicit their joint and individual objectives so they could align them. Our role was to help the key players confront these issues amongst themselves so they could start to resolve them.

Excitant – Aligning risk and reward in a consortium