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What is strategy

What is strategy? What is a strategy? To be effective at developing strategy, and strategies, we need to be clear what constitutes a strategy, and what does not. We need clear models of strategy to test our strategy statements against them. (By the way a strategy is not a plan!) If we fail to be clear when we state a strategy, then others have no chance of implementing it. These posts make clear what is a strategy and what is not a strategy.

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What is strategy: Strategy as a hypothesis

What do people mean when they refer to strategy as a Hypothesis?  Why should you treat strategy as a hypothesis? How does it help the strategy process? What are the different types of strategy hypotheses?  This article explains the thinking behind strategy as a...

The dangers of copy cat strategy

We occasionally see an approach to strategy which runs “They are doing this…..  we need to do that as well”. The danger is that this sounds like copy cat strategy, and probably is.  Copy cat strategy is dangerous and should be avoided.  Doing the same thing is not...