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Resources for you to use

This section provides an extensive set of articles, papers and case studies covering the areas of strategy, performance management and modern balanced scorecards.

Case Studies

The case studies section provides examples of third and fourth generation balanced scorecard implementations that have implemented strategy and improved how performance is managed.  The set is chosen to provide a wide view of both differing sectors (retail, manufacturing, finance, IT, local government, charities) and also different applications (strategy communication, engagement, alignment, joined up working, regional strategies, board reporting, cascading, and so on).

They also demonstrate different aspects of the balanced scorecard approach from how boards use the approach, through to executive alignment, tangible futures used to set the pace of change,  various types of strategy maps and their cascaded, scorecards, and how people meet, discuss and use these tools to manage strategy and performance better.  Click here for our strategy, performance management and balanced scorecard case studies.

White papers & key articles

Our white papers provide a different perspective.  They are more informative technical papers looking at particular aspects of strategy and performance management.  From understanding the various types of performance management, through to explaining strategy maps, introducing external predictive indicators, contrasting styles of tangible future, and explaining aspects of the fourth generation balanced scorecard approach.

They also cover use of modern balanced scorecards in the Not for Profit and public sector.  You can read our articles and white papers on strategy, performance management & balanced scorecards here.

Blog articles

Our blog consists nearly 200 articles.  These range tips and techniques for modern balanced scorecards, through to  articles that introduce aspects of fourth generation thinking and techniques. They include aspects of  strategy and performance management.  There are small insights from client work. Some are discussions that I have posted on LinkedIn to answer questions in strategy, performance management and balanced scorecard forums.   You can read these strategy, performance management and balanced scorecard articles here.


Our founder, Phil Jones has had two books published so far with a third underway.

“Communicating strategy” is just what it says on the cover.  A step by step guide to communicating strategy in an organisation in a way that engages people and socialises the strategy.

“Strategy Mapping for Learning Organizations” uses the process of strategy map design, implementation and use to frame the whole modern balanced scorecard approach and introduce aspects of fourth  generation balanced scorecard thinking.  David Norton was good enough to write a very complimentary foreword.


If you can find what you are looking for it is always worth dropping us a line.