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What is the Dark Matter of Organisational Performance and Success?


Have we missed what really make performance happen in organisations?  In this article, I explore the idea of a, metaphorical, …

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Organisations do not exist: Think social systems

Smokers In Their Social System

Whilst organisations appear to be organised, social systems emerge naturally and connect, despite organisational structures and boundaries.  In reality, we …

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Upside down organisation charts: Using them effectively

Upside down organisation charts are re-drawn with a purpose: to invite executives to think differently about their organisation and their …

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Forget your business model… What about your people model?

People Model

I hear lots of talk about an organisation’s business model, or their operating model, or their service delivery model. It …

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Why do Balanced Scorecard projects fail? The bigger issue

Cliff Edge

There are lots of stories about Balanced Scorecard projects failing. Who puts them about?  Usually put about by someone who …

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Organisational structures do not exist – they are a myth!

Social Network Women

Ok, I can hear the squeals of anguish and dissent.  “Of course organisational structures exist” I hear people say. We …

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Why reorganisations fail – they don’t address the underlying issue

silo working

Have you ever been though a “re-organisation”?  You know the sort.  They take about nine months and typically cost anything …

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The Balanced Scorecard is not a technical tool: It is a social tool!

Most of what we see in “Balanced scorecards” are technical tools. Many of the questions we see and hear on …

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You can’t sack people in the public sector – some alternatives

In another post I explained how many public sector organisations pull back from sacking people.  “This is the public sector …

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You can’t sack people in the public sector. Really!

This is a phrase I keep coming across, “You can’t sack people in the public sector”. Here is the catch:  …

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