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What clients say about us

Defining and articulating strategy

“The big difference has been changing our way of thinking. Looking at the organisation as a whole, more rationally and critically, and how we move forward”

“The big benefit has been clarity of purpose. We now focus on the outcomes and the breaking down of the silos.”

“We can engage people, get feedback and fine tune the strategy. At the end of the day people can say, “I have a little part of the strategy in my pocket”.”

“Using this approach has helped us focus on what really matters. It has helped us reveal some “Sacred cows”.”

“It is now a far more rounded approach, rooted in a sound, rigorous and helpful framework.”

How Directors and Management work

“We knew we had to focus on the big issues. We now are better, as a team, addressing strategic issues, sharing ownership of the big issues and taking corporate responsibility.“

“It has helped us as Directors work far more closely together, where we would not have normally. We can now lead from the top and are seen to speak in a single voice.”

“The approach has created a much greater sense of unity between the departments. It’s the combination that matters. We realise we are all culpable, together.”

Making the change happen

“The amount of change you have helped us create in the organisation in only 5 months has been terrific. There has been an ingrained culture, a way of working. It is pretty impressive to be changing that in a 5 month project.”

“I can’t think of another example of a project where there has been such sign-up to the approach from every directorate. We have not embedded things in the same way before.”

“It allows us to approach issues in a less emotional and more systematic way. It makes the debate far more rational.”

“We no longer see other departments as “the enemy” fighting for resources against us. We have common objectives and can more easily relate to colleagues in another area. You can’t see this in a 40-50 page document. You can go to someone else and say “I’m looking at your strategy map and I don’t understand this or that.” You can deal with it in a much more direct manner.”

Planning & performance management

“We can continuously relay back where progress is being made to reinforce what we are doing and where it contributes to the big picture.”

“Annual Service plans were a breeze to produce this year.” “It’s a very coherent system.”

“It is a simple, effective and easy to understand system, to manage your performance.”

“This project has been remarkable. There has been so little resistance and so much take up so quickly. We have not encountered that before.” Steve Inch, Director, Dimensions

Just a short sample of what they say about us.