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My publishers tell me that Strategy Mapping for Learning organizations is now available as an ebook.

If you are looking for an electronic version of my Book about strategy maps, balanced scorecards for agile organisations and how to design, implement and use them effectively, then there are several links available.

UK versions (priced in pounds) are available from

US versions (priced in dollars) are available from

At the moment the ebook edition of “Strategy Mapping for Learning Organizations” is only be available in PDF (Adobe Digital Editions) format with DRM and will be priced the same as the print edition so in this case £70.00/$134.95. However there is VAT on ebooks so it may work out more expensive.  You may find that different sites will sell it at a variety of discounts so it always worth looking around.

For Kindle fans, you might have to wait a while.  Amazon decide when they convert books to Kindle format and it is not in the control of the publisher.  As soon as it is available we will let you know.

I understand many corporates will have access to libraries where electronic copies can be borrowed and even shared amongst their colleagues.    This sound particularly useful when doing strategic balanced scorecard implementations.  In these cases contact your corporate library provider who can get hold of ebook copies via the  publisher, Gower/Ashgate.

Phil Jones

Author, Speaker & Consultant