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A specialist management consultancy.

A stimulant for organisations

Strategy : People : Performance : Results

Our clients want to improve their strategy, people and performance, often in unusual, challenging or complex environments.
We throw light on the underlying issues, help our clients understand the reasons they exist, and help them solve them, sustainably…
…so you, and your people, can deliver your strategy, performance and results more reliably.

How clients use us

How we are used depends on the deeper, underlying, problems that our clients face.  To explore these challenges, our site is divided into six interrelated zones that explore the problems and our approach towards them. Typical Executive conversations start with…

I want to ensure our strategy is robust, has a clear story and will make a difference...

How do we improve the quality of our strategic thinking, execution and learning, throughout our organisation?  Learn more in “The Strategy Zone”…

Our Performance Management approach is not working well. I want a better solution...

Today’s management requires better ways to manage performance. Explore how you could improve in “The Performance Management Improvement Zone“… and “The Modern Balanced Scorecard Zone

We need to be more agile, responsive, make decisions better, and learn quicker...

It should be simple. Make good decisions, execute them well, learn quickly from them.  Improve your decision making and learning inThe Decision Improvement Zone“…

I want our people to engage in our strategy, so people get it, and real change happens...

Merely communicating strategy is not enough. To change the way people think, act and behave, you have to go deeper: “The Socialising Strategy Zone”…

The way we work is changing. Are there better ways to manage our people and organisations?

How we manage our organisations is a choice, from amongst many options. Old assumptions no longer apply. Learn more in “The 4th Generation Strategic Balanced Scorecard Zone“…

To deliver our strategy we need effective culture and behaviour change...

Strategy usually involves culture and behaviour change.  Learn how successful Chief Executives change the culture of their organisations in “The Culture Change Zone”…

Of course, the key to really effective consultancy is:

  • Getting beyond the presenting issues… and finding the real, deeper, underlying causes…

  • Having honest, even challenging, conversations about those causes…

  • Helping a client address the underlying causes, with sustainable solutions.

(This is why our clients sometime use us to solve their ‘Sticky problems’.  Those problems which are persistent, whose source is unclear and that are not being solved by traditional methods or approaches.)  Contact us to discuss a sticky problem…

Paradigms Shifts & Thought Provokers

Our clients like us to challenge their thinking and provoke their thoughts.  Here are some ideas to start with…

The paradigm shift zone

There are changes in our context. For instance:
  • The nature of work & employment is changing.
  • We have more choice over how we design our organisations.
  • The nature of competition and partnerships is changing.
These affect how we view, design, lead and manage our organisations.  Explore these changes and their consequences, in “The Paradigm Shift Zone“…


Organisational structures are artificial constructs. How they really work…

Performance Management does not exist! Yes really…!

“Strategy gets eaten by culture” is a pathetic excuse. Explain….

All plans should be burnt!  See why…

Is “How we manage” missing from our strategic thinking?

What is the Dark Matter of organisational performance?

More Thought Provoking Articles.

Useful Resources. Need help solving a problem?

Two Books, White Papers, Case Studies and over 300 blog articles.

We have written two books to help Executives and practitioners address the problems of Communicating & socialising strategy and capturing your Strategy and turning it into a modern Strategic balanced scorecard that works in a genuine learning organisation.
Communicating Strategy book, written by Phil Jones

Communicating Strategy

A practical guide to communicating and socialising your strategy
Strategy Mapping book, written by Phil Jones

Strategy Mapping for Learning Organizations

A complete guide to designing and implementing a modern Strategic Balanced Scorecard system for agile, learning organizations.
Strategy Mapping book, written by Phil Jones

White papers and articles

A collection of white papers and key articles you can download, learn from and apply
Strategy Mapping book, written by Phil Jones

Case studies

A series of case studies on the implementation of strategy and performance improvements in a variety of organisations

Select the images to read more. Search the site for specific topics.          …or, for more information, contact us.

About Excitant: A little bit about us and working with Excitant

What types of Businesses & Organisations do you work with?
Our clients range from the large and diverse, such as International Banks, Insurance companies and Water Companies, through charities both large and local, to the unusual, such as membership organisations, partnerships and collaborations. A better question would be, what types of management teams do you work with?  What they have in common are Executives and Managers who recognise they want a different way of looking at the problems they have, a deeper analysis, or a fresh approach to help them make things happen.  Executives and managers that are willing to be open to some challenge and a fresh pair of eyes, to make a difference. If that is you, give us a call.
Do you pass on your skills and knowlege to our people?
Absolutely, yes.  We design our work, and the proposals, so that you have people involved.  People who will take over from us, when our piece is complete.  This is how it becomes a sustainable solution for you.  It also means we don’t have to come back and do the same project again for you. (We can do something different next time).
Do you ever turn down clients?
Oh Yes.  In two circumstances:
  1. When asked to do work outside our specialism and expertise. It is the interests of neither the client, or us, to do such work.
  2. Where a client is not serious about change: We want to help organisations change and improve.  If a client is not serious about change, and we think we cannot seriously help that client bring about the changes and improvements, we will turn work down.  Again it is in neither of our interests to do this work.
In both these cases taking the work would waste your money and time: You should be able to get a better solution.  It will also waste our time, and we would not get a reference from you that we can use.
Can I have an exploratory conversation with you?
Of course. We enjoy talking to Executives who have challenges and exploring their issues. To arrange a time that suits you, simply send us an email or call.
What sort of Organisation are we? A specialist consultancy.  Based in the UK, but operating around Europe and the rest of the world. We search for clients where we can genuinely make a difference and help change and improvements to happen. We aim to educate, inform and occasionally provoke the market and our clients. We want to pass our skills and knowledge onto our clients so they become self-sufficient.
Phil Jones, Chief Executive, Excitant Ltd

Phil Jones, Chief Executive, Excitant Ltd

You can read more about Excitant and our approach, and the research that goes on behind our consultancy work.  A few years ago we also published a Manifesto.

Some of our clients and what they say about us

A few of the organisations we have helped.  Some testimonials.

Water & Utility Companies

We have helped major UK Water Companies with strategy and AMP design, including the UK Water Industry Research Ltd.

Financial Services

We have helped International banks (Retail, commercial and investment), Building Societies, and Insurance and reinsurance companies.

Other sectors

Clients have engaged us from Manufacturing & engineering, Oil & Gas, Retail, IT, Professional services, as well as central & local government.

Charities & Third Sector

Our clients have includes all sorts of Charities from Fund providers, to hospices and children’s charities.

We seem to have a niche helping organisations with complex or unusual business models. For instance, organisations whose role is to facilitate a federation of other organisations to achieve change or deliver results.
“We achieved more as a Management team in a 2-day strategy session with you on your own, than a pair of consultants achieved in four days. They were really effective days for the whole team.” Lindsay Stratton, Managing Director, Unite Modular Solutions

“To get the number of regions up and running with the strategy, to the extent we have, in the timescale, is very positive. It is better than we have done previously.” Steve Scown, Director, Dimensions

“I can’t think of another example of a project where there has been such sign-up to the approach from every directorate. We have not embedded things in the same way before.”  Steve Ince, Director, Dimensions  

”You have given us a sound basis from which we can help to integrate innovation and socialise our strategy across the whole organisation” Innovation Manager, Anglian Water”

“Only use Excitant if you are genuinely committed to the high level goals and improved organisational capabilities of a strategy-driven organisation” Ben Ticehurst, Deputy Chief Executive, Peterborough City Council

“Even five years on, we are still using the approach you helped us develop. It has been central to building our capability as a department and focusing on delivery to our clients.” Mike Martin, Managing Director, Anglian Water Technical Services

To discuss how you can be more confident your strategy will be implemented…

Just give us a call or fill out the form below.