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4G Balanced scorecards are about more flexible management systems


Kotter puts it very well, ” Management is about making sure the system runs in the organisation; whereas leaders choose …

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The Psychology of Management: Taking the long view


I am quite interested in the psychology of management because I think we tend to adopt psychological models of how …

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Reinventing how we manage for today’s management challenges


Given a continuing climate of austerity, uncertainty and international competition, most executives are under pressure to improve their organisations through …

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We manage by absorbing friction – and building up heat!


What role do, and should, our management systems play in protecting from, and connecting our organisations to, the volatility and …

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Managing organisations in the same ways birds manage to fly together

Flock Of Birds

Treat this as an off the wall, whimsical post – with a serious intent…. One thing that we all see …

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Integrating rolling and continuous budgeting with your Strategy


The challenge… Increasingly businesses are waking up to the fact that traditional, annual budgeting can constrain, as much as it …

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