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Utility: Engaging Management

Strategy implementation, transformation and changing incentives. Using the Strategic Balanced Scorecard approach to support strategy and transformational change in a Water Utility (Anglian Water)

Keywords: Strategic balanced scorecards, Strategy maps, Ownership of executives, changing incentives and rewards
Application: Water industry, Commercial organisations, Regulation & de-regulation

In this series of three video case studies, Phil Jones, of Excitant Ltd interviews Steve Lunn.  Steve explains how he has used the Balanced Scorecard Management approach to support two strategy and transformation projects while at Anglian Water.  Phil originally introduced the approach to Steve and his team.

Part 1: Strategy, Balanced Scorecard and engaging a team

If you have ever wondered how to get engagement in a team this will interest you. In part one, Steve talks about how he used the balanced scorecard to engage the customer services directorate in the new strategy, where they addressed them focus of the team and joined up working across the organisation.

[youtube url=”Engaging Management ins a Strategic Balanced Scorecard” fs=”1″]

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Part 2: Transformation, Balanced Scorecard, Engagement and change.
If you have ever wanted to engage an executive team, this video will help. In part two, Steve explains how he later used the approach as a part of a larger transformation project across the whole company. This provides a good view of how to engage the management team, engaging the wider stakeholders,

Part 3: Transformation, Balanced Scorecard, Incentives & rewards.
If you have ever considered revising the incentive and reward structure in your organisation, then this video will give you some sound advice. In part three Steve describes how the ground was prepared during the transformation project so that incentives and rewards could be changed successfully. This included Executive rewards and also the rewards of the rest of the organisation.

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