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Strategy maps for different purposes

Strategy maps for different purposes I recently spoke at a conference on the balanced scorecard and where Paul Niven was also speaking. When he did an explanation of strategy maps and did an exercise the audience produce three very different types of strategy map. One version was the true cause and effect version where their is a clear cause and …

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Strategy does not exist in plans: it exists in people’s heads.

Communicating your Strategy: the problem Years ago I the organisation I worked for did some research about the understanding of strategy.  It suggested that as few as 5% of the people in an organisation understand the strategy. Whether this is true or not for your organisation, it is worrying even if it is out by a factor of 10 and it …

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The challenge of Executing your Strategy

Perhaps… You have spent a lot of time together, working on the strategy. It will now exist in at least two places: In your heads. Strategy and planning is about the journey. You will have learnt things in the process that underpin how you will act in the future. Perhaps it is not in all your heads. Perhaps some have different views about how to …

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Aligning the organisation with the strategy

A key part of strategic performance management is aligning the organisation with the strategy.  We help our clients align their organisation with their strategy in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples. Aligned Projects & Programmes If your investments are focused on the wrong things or your projects are delivering the wrong benefits, you are wasting money. …

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Welcome to the Excitant Blog

Welcome to the Excitant Blog Here I get to write about things to do with strategy , management, business models, performance, management thinking, strategy planning processes, strategic thinking and other stuff that comes to mind. Phil

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