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A client recently asked an important question.  They are in the middle of strategy development and planning.  They want to move to more useful measures and a better grip on the organisation.  They are considering a strategic balanced scorecard approach.  There is so much they could do they don’t want to be scared off, get indigestion or bite off more than they can chew.

So the question was,”Where could they start as a bite sized piece.”

My answer was simple.  The most important thing is that people get the strategy, understand where they fit in and where they contribute.  So, if you do nothing else, develop strategy maps for your top team and the teams below them and even a level lower down.

This will ensure that people understand the objectives, that they are cascaded and people can see how they can fit in and contribute.  All the other balanced scorecard pieces fit around this.

I think of Strategy maps as the central spine of a strategic balanced scorecard implementation around which everything else hangs.  Get these right and everything can fall into place in whichever order you like.  Omit them and you have no skeleton to put the flesh on.

So the starting point for a strategy roll-out and implementation with a balanced scorecard implementation – the first part of the elephant to eat?  Cascade the strategy by facilitating the development of strategy maps with the teams.   Then you can develop the scorecards, the project and initiative alignment and everything else, from these strategy maps.

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