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Want to improve results?  The MacLeod review suggests that providing a clear sense of purpose and engaging your people will positively contribute to improvements in results.  In this video MacLeod summarises the big messages

The MacLeod review seems to have had little attention, yet might have some answers.  In the review, Engaging for Success, conducted for the Department of Business and Innovation and Skills, David MacLeod comes to the conclusion that there is a correlation between engaged employees and the results of the organisation, no matter what the sector or type.  Also that such a focus by both the public sector and commercial organisations is important for the success of our organisations, and the country as a whole.

In a summary video he highlights four main points:

1) Providing a clear sense of purpose, An effective strategic narrative, where people can see their role and how they fit in.

2) Engaging managers who provide clarity, where people are treated as individuals and Human Beings, and where there is real feedback

3) Employees have a voice, contributing to the organisation’s thinking from the front line.

4) Organisational Values and behaviours and closely linked.

This is so consistent to the story we tell as an organisation: the compelling need for the story of the strategy to be told, to treat people as human beings, trusting them, encouraging conversation and dialogue (because you don’t have all the answers) and the importance of linking values and behaviours.

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