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Do you want more effective communication of your strategy: Then be willing to take on these ten heresies.

Ten heresies about strategy communication

Crimes committed whilst Communicating Strategy

During the initial research for my book, “Communicating Strategy” I found a web site that suggested:

“You should not communicate your strategy, as it will leak your strategy to the competition”.

I was incensed by this idea, because, as you will know:

  1. If your strategy is so unsustainable that your competitors can simply copy it that easily, then it is a pretty poor strategy.
  2. If you don’t tell your people about your strategy, how can they possibly execute it and help you refine it and deliver it?

This idea is clearly nonsense.  However the anger I felt at the idea led me to the development of the ten heresies of strategy communication.  And here they are:

The ten heresies of communicating strategy

Heresy number 1:   People are not stupid.

Heresy number 2:   You don’t have all the answers.

Heresy number 3:   Your staff are interested in the strategy.

Heresy number 4:   People can be trusted

Heresy number 5:   People respect it, if you assume they are intelligent

Heresy number 6:   You are always communicating, even if you think you aren’t

Heresy number 7:   You don’t have to communicate with everyone

Heresy number 8:   The rumour mill communicates faster than you do

Heresy number 9:   People like change

Heresy number 10:  Strategy does not exist in plans

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The book, Communicating Strategy, is designed to help you communicate to more people, and communicate with integrity and trust.

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    I read briefly about some few contents of your bloh and have found them interesting. I would like to read your newsletter to have more information.

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