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There was a short delay before Strategy Mapping for learning Organizations was available in the US, but checking in with it is now available.    You can link through to easily via this link.

Strategy maps are fundamental to effective balanced scorecard design and this book describes not simply a set of strategy maps to copy, not simply what you do to create strategy maps, but how you think about strategy maps and their implications for executives, and staff during their  design, implementation and use.

Armed with this knowledge your organisations will be far more likely to leverage the benefits of your balanced scorecards.   As David Norton himself says,

“…the work of Phil Jones makes a unique contribution to the field of performance management.”

“This book is a ‘drivers manual’ for anyone who is implementing a Balanced Scorecard performance management system. […] it is required reading.”

David P Norton, October 2011
Author: The Balanced Scorecard. Founder and Director: Palladium Group, Inc.
(David, along with Robert Kaplan, is one of the originators of the Balanced Scorecard Approach.)

What better recommendation could I have?