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Strategy does not exist in plans: it exists in people’s heads.  If the strategy is not in their heads when they make decisions, then what is being implemented?  Certainly not your strategy. Scary isn’t it? The source of the problem is we think telling people the strategy is enough.

This is why we say, “All plans should be burnt

Years ago I the organisation I worked for did some research about the understanding of strategy.  It suggested that as few as 5% of the people in an organisation understand the strategy. Whether this is true or not for your organisation, it is worrying even if it is out by a factor of 10 and it is only half the people understand the strategy.

When the strategy is announced, this is how some people can feel:

“I was in a warm bed. Now I am part of a plan” (From Woody Allen’s film Shadows and Fog)

What we do…

We help you:

  1. Document and present your strategy in a way that is easy and effective to communicate.
  2. Help you socialise the strategy in a way that engages the maximum number of people and their thinking styles.
  3. Tell the story of the strategy, so the passion, vision and the logic show through. Moreover, it is a compelling story, and people can see how it works
  4. Test the extent to which the message has got through, so you learn where to adjust and refine it, or where more work is needed.

Which means that, as a management team:

  • You tell a more consistent and compelling story
  • You maximise engagement, which makes it easy for people to see the big picture, and to understand their role and contribution within it.
  • You get useful feedback from people, so you can refine the message and even the approach
  • You become more confident in its execution and that you will get the results

To understand more read our Executive guide to communicating & socialising strategy

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