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If you are in manufacturing, or are simply looking for joined up working, then you will find this case study of an integrated sales, design and manufacturing strategy map and scorecard useful.

A few years ago we were approach by a manufacturing company wanting a balanced scorecard to help them with their strategy.  The MD had used Norton & Kaplan’s Balanced scorecard approach before in a different company, and so was looking for strategy implementation and focus here as well.

We started by explaining Excitant’s strategic learning model and he was extremely engaged by it.  We subsequently facilitated their strategy development helped them to develop a view of their environment and industry over the next 5 years (A Tangible Future), then develop an overall strategy map that supported joined up working as well  as serving the existing and new markets.  This was used to explain the strategy through the organisation, set the agenda for the management teams below the executive and  set the agenda for a more strategic discussion amongst the management team, breaking them out of their silos.

We helped them develop their balanced scorecard that allowed them to track progress and identify leading indicators that would measure how they were making progress and what might need fixing along the way.

The technology road-map was developed to map out the phases and stages of development of new facilities in design and manufacturing to accommodate the demands of the new markets and also develop better products for the existing market.

Overall this enabled the management team to:

a) focus on the bigger strategic picture, the pressures in their industry and the changing market

b) help develop their staff so they could take more responsibility for parts of the business

c) deliver results in a more reliable way.

You can find our more about strategic balanced scorecard work and how we helped this manufacturing company with their balanced scorecard on the strategic balanced scorecard case study and examples page of our website.

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