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This is an interview on the BBC Radio 4 programme, Bottom Line, where Paul Moody explains how they communicate their message to around 3000 employees.

It is as good an explanation as I have ever heard of what the balanced scorecard approach is all about.   Using the Balanced Scorecard approach to

1) Delivering a clear and inspirational message about where the business is going

2) Communicating the end game – Communicating it clearly and openly.

3) People understand where we are going strategically, but also what it means for them

4) Converting the big strategic vision into “What does it mean for me”, “What do you want me to do?” and “How do I deliver strong performance”,

5) The business is joined up, so we deliver the right things in the right way.

6) The “Balanced Scorecard” communicates to the organisation the objectives we have set ourselves, for one year and three years.

7) Breaking an objective (eg grow sales) down into other measures so everyone know what we are trying to achieve,  where that growth comes from and what their role is

8) Communicating the big number, but also what does it really mean for them

You can listen to the podcast/video about the benefits of Britvic’s s Balanced Scorecard on the BBC website

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