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WARNING: This is controversial and provocative:

Why do so many vision statements omit the obvious?

Why do many (corporate) mission or vision statements omit the obvious?



“To create a return on the capital invested in the organisation by the owners and funders.”

Why do they avoid this? Who are these vision statements aimed at?

Are their mission or vision statements pandering to a different audience?

Are they really what the owners and investors think?

Are they some sort of manager aspiration?

It seems to me to be the elephant in the room in these discussions about mission and vision…..

Why are people, and organisations, not honest about this!

Is this greenwash by omission

Of course vision and mission statements are serving customers and concerned with social and environmental impact. That is what is important. That is how finances are generated and expectations of society are set and managed.

However, the organisation has to be vible to do this. It has to generate excess over revenues, fund investment, and maintain capital against risks. It has to exist to survive and deliver these other benefits to society.

This is about a complete purpose and vision for the organisation

Just to be clear, I am not some raging capitalist.

All I am arguing for here is a complete picture of the organisation’s purpose and vision.

Here endeth the rant :)