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Ever wanted to ensure you engaged people and managed to change attitudes and  performance, as you rolled out your strategic balanced scorecard? In this video, Steve Lunn talks to Phil Jones about their work together at Anglian Water (AW) as AW rolled out a strategy to support their de-regulation and moving from a public sector culture to one that was much more commercial and customer focussed.

Steve explains how the Balanced Scorecard approach, using strategy maps and scorecards, was part of a wider initiative to engage people in the strategy and a joined up organisation.  Steve explains how we used the Balanced Scorecard, and in particular strategy maps, in Customer Services to create engagement, restructure parts of the organisation and bring about change. It also explains how the approach was used to developed joined up thinking and joined up working across the organisation.

This approach has a lot of value if you are considering a balanced scorecard in the Public sector and, like many public sector organisations, you now have board members from the commercial world who are expecting commercial standards of information on the organisation.

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