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Socialising strategy, instead of merely communicating it, is an idea my clients seem to love.  But how to do that? 

Socialising strategy starts by creating a shared mental model of your strategy and its underlying thinking. That shared mental model goes on to underpin the culture, decisions and actions in the organisation.

You can’t simply state the strategy, it is not enough.  By sharing the mental models within your strategy, you explain the deeper thinking behind the strategy. 

So, here are six ways I have used to help clients developed a shared mental model of their strategy.  Six techniques you can apply to help to socialise your strategy:

  1. Check the different mental models you, and others, have
  2. Get beyond jargon: don’t send an empty container
  3. Explore the whole picture – let people fit it into their model
  4. Provide a compelling imperative for change, both rational and emotional
  5. Give people the time, opportunity and permission to try on the different mental models
  6. Be the new model, yourself.

You can read the whole article here, To socialise your strategy, create a shared mental model.  It expands on each of these six approaches.

If you have personal recommendations for sharing a mental model, I would be delighted to hear of them from you.  Drop me an email or give me a call. 

If you would like to dive deeper into socialising strategy I have an updated page: Communicating and Socialising strategy – an Executive guide.