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In this short series we look at where strategy has been communicated well, and badly, examine why some succeed and others do not. Don’t expect a description of big conferences and management “tablets of stone” speeches. This is about communicating the underlying messages of the strategy. This is about communication with people.

We start off with by defining strategy and look behind some statistics about why strategy fails to execute: Is it understood? Are incentives aligned? Do the management processes support it? Do management spend enough time on it? All a part of communication.

We then discuss how different parts of the strategy can be communicated effectively:
• Where do you what to go?
• Why go there?
• How do we get there?

As we do this we look at the variety of ways in which different people think and bring that together to suggest that a key is to communicate the strategy in many different ways. By doing this it touches different people in different.


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