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Watching some of the videos from Davos today I was struck by how many of the global business leaders were talking about the developing world, how the economic crisis has changed much more than views of the economy,  and their concern for the effects of global trade on people and poverty.

The theme of Davos, according to Paul Bulcke, CEO of Nestle, is “Shared norms for a new reality”  and he talks about his belief in a “principles based approach to business”.  How can we do more for developing nations and the poverty stricken of the world.

This ties closely to Michael Porter’s papers and Radio 4 broadcast last week about value creation now being about shared values and the social needs of each other.

I am a believer that business people are basically good.  They want good for society and are not the leeches so many portray them as.  May be the meeting at Davos will help organisations develop strategies that will help this.

You can watch the original video here: