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Thinking fast and slow: How we really make executive decisions

Last year I wrote a couple of blog posts about “Thinking fast and slow with strategy” that became some of …

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Decision Making and Decision Taking: Why do we not notice the difference

In some of my other blog posts I make a clear distinction between decision making and decision taking. When we …

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The six frogs and decision making

Six Frogs 2

Here is a question for you: There are six frogs on a wall.  Two frogs decide to jump off.  How …

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Helpfully stolen accountability – a lesson in delegation, accountability and decision making control

Let me tell you the story of the curious case of missing financial control. In one organisation we worked with, …

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Strategy does not exist without tensions

Strategy & elastic band

Many years ago I realised something while working with clients on their strategy.  I realised that there were points in …

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