Communicating Strategy: Chapter titles and sample chapter

A view inside Communicating Strategy: the chapter titles and a free download of chapter 1

Look inside Communicating Strategy contents for the chapter titles.  You can also download a free copy of teh first chapter.

Communicating Strategy Content and Chapter Titles

1. They don’t get the strategy

2. Ten heresies (Communicating Strategy’s ten heresies)

3. Communicate what, to whom and why?

4. Understanding and motivating change

5. What’s in it for…?

6. Developing the story of the strategy  (Read more about the story of the strategy)

7. Let me tell you a story

8. The aligned management team

9. The handcuffed organisation

10. Developing your communications strategy and plan

11. Final thoughts

Appendix A: The channels: Communicating the message

Download and read chapter one

I would love you to download and have a read of chapter one. Download and read chapter 1 here.

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Need to develop a communication strategy or a communication plan

If you are looking for a strategy communication plan, the very last chapter gives you a format and guide to writing one. It is the last chapter because it refers to all the previous chapters which describe how to prepare and think about that communication plan.

When strategy is planned, designed and implemented it tends to go through a number of stages. There are many variations on these. However, for our purposes we can break the process into five stages. These are:

Stage 1: Strategic analysis and planning
Stage 2: Strategic design and implementation planning
Stage 3: Launching the strategy
Stage 4: Follow-up and commitment
Stage 5: Embedding the strategy and tracking results.

Chapter 10 take these stages in turn and ties them to the most relevant chapters of the book.

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