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To socialise your strategy, create a shared mental model

A shared mental model

Socialising strategy, instead of merely communicating it, is an idea my clients love. But how to do that? Here are six ways to help you socialise your strategy, by creating a shared mental model of your strategy and its underlying thinking. That shared mental model underpins the culture, decisions and actions in the organisation. By sharing the mental model behind …

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Welcome: Strategy, Performance & Human Beings – being a more successful organisation.

How do we improve strategy, planning, performance and results in our organisations?  Think agility, responsiveness, sustainability. Think learning (not merely control). …

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A strategy document is different to a strategic plan

Strategy Word

A strategy document serves a different purpose to a strategic plan.  Confusion between these different documents causes good strategies to …

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4G Strategic Balanced Scorecard Principles: How we think about strategy

Clients are asking us, “How do we move away from an annual strategy process, to treating strategy as a process …

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Definitions of strategy: A persistent pattern of behaviour

When a client tells me “We don’t have a strategy”,  I don’t believe them.  I use a simple question to …

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ISO9000:2015 Strategic Direction – A strategy management perspective

Quality Tick

Are you planning to upgrade to ISO9000:2015?  If so, this article provides practical advice for organisations wanting to establish and …

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Beware of sentences with the word “Just” in them

20171017 180947

I am sure you have heard the advice.  It usually begins, “It is easy….” and continues…. You just run a …

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Organisational agility requires two preceeding capabilities

Many organisations want to be agile.  The problem is that agility requires two earlier steps.  You can have an agile …

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Good consultancy is about how to do things, not simply what to do

Thin Ice

Boy was I getting frustrated!  I was reading the latest version of ISO9000:2015 and the link it says organisations should …

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My book should have been called “Socialising Strategy”

After my book ‘Communicating Strategy’ was published, I realised I should have called it ‘Socialising Strategy’. Getting strategy into day …

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What is the Dark Matter of Organisational Performance and Success?


Have we missed what really make performance happen in organisations?  In this article, I explore the idea of a, metaphorical, …

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Organisations do not exist: Think social systems

Smokers In Their Social System

Whilst organisations appear to be organised, social systems emerge naturally and connect, despite organisational structures and boundaries.  In reality, we …

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