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How do we improve strategy, planning, performance and results in our organisations?  Think agility, responsiveness, sustainability. Think learning (not merely control).  Think Human Beings (not just employees). Think management appropriate to the 21st century… Explore the menu, topic cloud, or search.  Learn about 4G Strategic Balanced Scorecards. To really improve contact Phil.

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Communicating Strategy: Philosophy and thinking

How you think about Communicating strategy, philosophy and will dramatically affect how you coimmunicate that strategy.     For instance, we talk about socialising strategy, rather than merely communicating it. In the book, there are ten heresies around strategy communication.  These are deisgned a belief changers.  For instance, “People are not stupid” and “You are always communicating, even when you …

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A strategy document is different to a strategic plan

A strategy document serves a different purpose to a strategic plan.  Confusion between these different documents causes good strategies to be described badly. The difference between strategy document and strategic plan At Excitant, we make a very clear distinction between these two documents: they have quite different purposes. ·         A strategy document explains the strategy.  It documents the strategy. ·         …

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4G Strategic Balanced Scorecard Principles: How we think about strategy

Clients are asking us, “How do we move away from an annual strategy process, to treating strategy as a process of continuous learning?” Traditional Strategy: deliberate, top down and annual First, let us look at how startegy is commonly described. Strategy as an annual process In many organisations, strategy is thought about, and run, as an annual process.  Strategy implies …

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Definitions of strategy: A persistent pattern of behaviour

When a client tells me “We don’t have a strategy”,  I don’t believe them.  I use a simple question to tease out what their strategy is, or has been.  A question works, evsn when I encounter an organisation who claims they don’t do strategy (Yes I have met a few).  It is amongst the most useful amongst all the definitions …

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ISO9000:2015 Strategic Direction – A strategy management perspective

Are you planning to upgrade to ISO9000:2015?  If so, this article provides practical advice for organisations wanting to establish and demonstrate the links between their Quality Management System to the ISO9000:2015 Strategic Direction requirements. In this post I look at what the ISO9000:2015 standard says about strategic management, some of the issues it raises and how to think about the …

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Beware of sentences with the word “Just” in them

I am sure you have heard the advice.  It usually begins, “It is easy….” and continues…. You just run a bit faster to improve your marathon time You just go out and get some more clients, and sales will increase You just pull all your blogs together and you will have a book. You just train harder and you will …

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Organisational agility requires two preceeding capabilities

Many organisations want to be agile.  The problem is that agility requires two earlier steps.  You can have an agile organisation, but if that agility is never exploited, then it is a wasted resource.  Organisational agility is in fact a three-part problem (and I’ll introduce a fourth later). Awareness: First the organisation needs to be aware of what is going …

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Good consultancy is about how to do things, not simply what to do

Boy was I getting frustrated!  I was reading the latest version of ISO9000:2015 and the link it says organisations should establish between its quality management system and the organisation’s strategic direction.   As I spend all my time helping clients with their strategic management system and making such links into the organisation, I was intrigued what the quality community was …

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My book should have been called “Socialising Strategy”

After my book ‘Communicating Strategy’ was published, I realised I should have called it ‘Socialising Strategy’. Getting strategy into day to day conversation and decision making When I wrote Communicating Strategy, I was trying to get across how important it was to get the strategy into the head, hearts and hands of people.  The idea being that the strategy was …

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What is the Dark Matter of Organisational Performance and Success?

In this article, I explore the idea of, metaphorical, dark matter and dark energy, in organisational success and organisational performance.  Jim Collins, (Author of Good to Great and Built to last) suggests we have missed this important dark matter.  I offer ways you can explore and use this organisational ‘dark matter’ for yourselves. This article covers: What if we have …

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