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Communicating Strategy: Philosophy and thinking

How you think about Communicating strategy, philosophy and will dramatically affect how you coimmunicate that strategy.



For instance, we talk about socialising strategy, rather than merely communicating it.

In the book, there are ten heresies around strategy communication.  These are deisgned a belief changers.  For instance, “People are not stupid” and “You are always communicating, even when you think you are not.”  Read the ten heresies of strategy communication.

All plans should be burnt


For instance, you might think, as this Chief Executive of a FTSE100 did, that the problem is “They don’t get the strategy”.  He was framing the problem as their problem, not his.  You are saying the strategy is clear, but they don’t get it.  He was not saying, “We are not communicating it well enough”.  This is a framing problem.  How the situation is framed, determines what types of decisions are made and the type of solutions that are adopted.

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