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Symbolic strategy maps

Quite often a client will want to present their strategy as a simpler picture than the full, detailed one page strategy map. Sometimes this is for a simple introduction from which the additional detail will be later explained.  Other times it is for external consumption, where the external world should not, or need not, see the whole detail of their …

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Strategy maps need a clear and explicit Business Model

Working with a client last year I placed a draft strategy map on the wall. Actually I placed their business model so that they could start to develop their strategy over the top of their business model, once we had the business model correct.  The reaction from the Managing Director was “Ah ah, that is really useful – I can …

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Mind the gap: The perils of strategy mapping

Strategy maps are a very visual tool.  So sometimes small details catch someone’s eye.  However, the picture might be saying more than a thousand words if you are not careful. Is that small gap important? Earlier this year I was training a group of managers in the strategy mapping process.  They were to take on and develop the higher level …

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Strategic Balanced Scorecards for Hospices: Some advice from experience

This article will help you in the design, implementation and use of a Hospice balanced scorecard: You can apply this Hospice strategic balanced scorecard approach in any similar charity. I was delighted to find that the Hospice Sector’s umbrella body ‘Help the Hospices“, had recommended Excitant as a the source of useful information when developing a balanced scorecard for a …

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The Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Goals

A recent LinkedIn question was from a strategy manager wanting to use a ‘strategic goal’ but unsure how this fitted into the Norton & Kaplan Balanced Scorecard framework. One respondent used a good deal of words explaining that the approach does not use the phrase and it was meaningless in the approach.  He should use other language, more suited to …

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Strategy Mapping for Learning organizations is now available on Kindle

My publishers have been busy and there is now a Kindle version of my book, “Strategy Mapping for Learning Organizations.” You can get it from the Kindle store on (and I assume other Kindle stores). So now you can get a hardback version, e-book and Kindle. Happy reading – let me know what you think    

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Cascading balanced scorecards for meaningful measures & KPIs

If you have ever tried to cascade measures in a balanced scorecard you have a problem that is common to many starting down the cascading balanced scorecard route. By developing the scorecard you look for the right measures that will cascade as meaningful drivers of the behaviours and results of others.  However, in making those steps the gap between strategy …

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Strategy Mapping is now available in the US and on

There was a short delay before Strategy Mapping for learning Organizations was available in the US, but checking in with it is now available.    You can link through to easily via this link. Strategy maps are fundamental to effective balanced scorecard design and this book describes not simply a set of strategy maps to copy, not simply …

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Strategy Mapping is now back in stock with Amazon UK

Checking in with Amazon UK again and they have re-stocked “Strategy Mapping for Learning organizations”.  So hopefully they will keep a good stock in place now they it is in demand. So if you are looking for David Norton’s “Required reading”  then you can get it now.  Here is a quick link to more details about “Strategy Mapping for learning …

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Amazon have already sold out and are ordering new copies

A friend ordered a copy of my latest book, “Strategy Mapping for learning organizations” from Amazon earlier this week and discovered there were only two left.   Today I checked and there are on back order. So a big thank you to all who are buying my book.  Presumably you also want agility in your balanced scorecards. If anyone is …

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