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Organisational agility requires two preceeding capabilities

Many organisations want to be agile.  The problem is that agility requires two earlier steps.  You can have an agile …

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Good consultancy is about how to do things, not simply what to do

Thin Ice

Boy was I getting frustrated!  I was reading the latest version of ISO9000:2015 and the link it says organisations should …

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My book should have been called “Socialising Strategy”

After my book ‘Communicating Strategy’ was published, I realised I should have called it ‘Socialising Strategy’. Getting strategy into day …

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What is the Dark Matter of Organisational Performance and Success?


Have we missed what really make performance happen in organisations?  In this article, I explore the idea of a, metaphorical, …

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Organisations do not exist: Think social systems

Smokers In Their Social System

Whilst organisations appear to be organised, social systems emerge naturally and connect, despite organisational structures and boundaries.  In reality, we …

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