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Communicating Strategy is now available on KIndle

I was delighted to see that my publisher has been busy and that Communicating Strategy is now available on Amazon Kindle. So that means you can buy “Communicating Strategy” as a Paperback, e-book (secured pdf) or Kindle edition. Happy reading

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Strategy Mapping for Learning organizations is now available on Kindle

My publishers have been busy and there is now a Kindle version of my book, “Strategy Mapping for Learning Organizations.” You can get it from the Kindle store on (and I assume other Kindle stores). So now you can get a hardback version, e-book and Kindle. Happy reading – let me know what you think    

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Balanced scorecards do manage risk, Part 1 – it depends on the class of risk.

The way that strategy maps and balanced scorecards represent risk is one of the most misunderstood areas of their design and use.  Some practitioners and academics suggest that there is no explicit mention of risk within the balanced scorecard or even strategy maps, and therefore that they do not manage risk at all. THIS IS NONSENSE! This will be one …

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