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Changing the incentive and reward system using the Balanced Scorecard approach

In this video, (the third of three) Steve Lunn talks to Phil Jones about how he changed the incentive and reward system at Anglian Water using the Strategic Balanced Scorecard Approachas a central part of their Transformation project. A significant part of the transformation programme carried out at Anglian Water, was changing the incentive and reward structure.  Of course, changing …

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Implementing strategy, getting engagement, using the Balanced Scorecard Approach

Ever wanted to ensure you engaged people and managed to change attitudes and  performance, as you rolled out your strategic balanced scorecard? In this video, Steve Lunn talks to Phil Jones about their work together at Anglian Water (AW) as AW rolled out a strategy to support their de-regulation and moving from a public sector culture to one that was …

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Balanced Scorecards and Lean (1): The Policy Deployment Matrix

A client in the public sector are undertaking a large lean initiative to reduce costs and improve services.  When I started talking to them about fourth generation balanced scorecards, they asked how it related to their “Strategy deployment matrix”.  I must admit I had not heard of these Strategy Deployment Matrix before, though the title seemed self-explanatory.  So, I did …

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What is the difference between Mission and Vision (Part 1)

So often the words, Mission and Vision, are confused and used without clarity. The jargon gets in the way. How can we clearly distinguish between them?

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Emergent strategy is not lazy strategy

An interesting discussion about emergent strategy came out of a presentation I did last night, for a group of Directors, about thinking strategically in the current economic climate. Early on I made a clear distinction between deliberate strategy and emergent strategy.  Deliberate strategy is where you have a goal and your plans are focused around driving towards that goal.  The …

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Strategy in uncertainty: what tools are useful?

At an Institute of Director’s economic briefing in November, the Chief Economist of the IOD said that we are still facing uncertainty, its just that the uncertainties are changing. I think the uncertainty continues to change, especially with impending elections and economic fog. Therefore I find two tools most useful in this time of uncertainty (and changing uncertainty): 1) Value …

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Integrating rolling and continuous budgeting with your Strategy

The challenge… Increasingly businesses are waking up to the fact that traditional, annual budgeting can constrain, as much as it controls and plans. No-one is saying, “Ignore the money”. However, it is a tool designed for centralised planning over relatively long and stable periods. The forecast we made before month 1 even started, becomes our fixed target for the next …

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The difference between strategic and operational balanced scorecards?

Are BSC implementation for building Strategy Execution and BSC for Performance Management issues actually two different projects? Do they actually have different agenda, work flow, stakeholders involved, pitfalls, and require different expertise and skills from consultants? This was a recent question on a forum: Here is my answer: The ambiguity is in the question because you are comparing “Strategic performance …

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Principles of Effective Balanced Scorecards Part 6

Principles of Effective Balanced Scorecards Part 6 “Of course we have a scorecard. I designed it at home the other evening” Very early on in my Balanced Scorecard career I heard a lovely story. Some of my colleagues had been to see a potential client about some scorecard work. It turned out he had one right there. He opened his …

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Is your strategy inside your peoples’ heads?

Years ago, I the organisation I worked for did some research about the understanding of strategy.  It suggested that as few as 5% of the people in an organisation understand the strategy. It did seem  extreme to me, but it was worrying.  Whether or not it is true for  your organisation, it is worrying.  Even if it is out by …

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