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Types of Performance Management

Are you wrestling with the complexity of managing performance in organisations? You are not alone – many are. To improve how performance is managed in your organisation, it helps to understand which management problems you are trying to solve and the complex mix of performance management approaches. The problem with much performance management thinking Performance management is often over simplified: …

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Leading indicators: Ten different types for different situations

Leading and lagging indicators seem to create confusion for some people, yet with a clear understanding, it is easy to see explain how they work and help people think productively about how to create and use them. In this article I want to explain how different types of leading indicators are needed and will occur in different circumstances.  I will …

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Improving Performance Management

It is not simply about measures and targets If you are merely looking for better measures and targets you are in the wrong place.  For us, and for our clients, managing performance is far more than control, measures and targets. Successful executives and managers know it is about much more about behaviours, actions and learning: they deliver results through their people. …

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How to get buy in for Balanced Scorecards and Performance Management

The question is very current as I had the most amazing compliment from a Balanced Scorecard client recently. When we first met, this Director was as sceptical and cynical of poor measurement approaches as any person I have met. We have just extended the pilot balanced scorecard programme to a full roll-out. After a recent presentation to the board, he said:“I have never …

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The one test of a useful Balanced Scorecard

In my role as a Strategy and Performance Consultant, I see a lots of ‘balanced scorecards’.  In over 20 years, from my early days working for Norton &  Kaplan I have seen most variations and alternatives. I have a set of tests for the balanced scorecard I see.  A set of tests that tell me a lot about how they …

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Key Articles & Papers

The Fourth Generation Balanced Scorecard Approach Types of Performance Management Strategy Diagnostic: The Four-pen Test Understanding Strategy Maps and Strategy Mapping Environmental Balanced Scorecards A modern approach to Public Sector Balanced Scorecards Managing amidst uncertainty: Monitoring the external environment

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Resources for you to use This section provides an extensive set of articles, papers and case studies covering the areas of strategy, performance management and modern balanced scorecards. Case Studies The case studies section provides examples of third and fourth generation balanced scorecard implementations that have implemented strategy and improved how performance is managed.  The set is chosen to provide …

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Upside down organisational charts: insights and value from a different perspective

  Inverted or upside down organisational charts are drawn with a purpose: to invite executives to think differently about their organisation and their role.  This article explains how to draw them upside down (it is not simply turned upside down) and how the changed perspective alters how Executives and managers think about their role in the organisation. [Note I see examples …

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Thinking fast and slow: How we really make executive decisions

Last year I wrote a couple of blog posts about “Thinking fast and slow with strategy” that became some of my most visited posts.  The posts were inspired by the book by Daniel Kanhemann, “Thinking Fast and Slow”.   I strongly recommend you get a copy and read it if you haven’t already, Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel prize for his …

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Balanced Scorecards as steering wheels

As you browse the web or read articles you will come across various “Balanced Scorecards” that are represented as steering wheels or jigsaw puzzles or other symbolic pictures.  The most well known example of this is the Tesco Steering wheel (from around 20 years ago), though many others exist  (Just search Google for ‘Scorecard steering wheel images (google search – …

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