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Mind the gap: The perils of strategy mapping

Mind The Gap

Strategy maps are a very visual tool.  So sometimes small details catch someone’s eye.  However, the picture might be saying …

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The KPI substitution heuristic – or why use a KPI in the first place?

Why use a KPI?  There is a lot of discussion about which particular measure, indicator of KPI to use.  There …

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Methodology is not the same as method

I like to pay attention to our language, because how we speak gives us clues about how we think.  In …

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Milestones and activities are not measures: but they are still useful

I was listening to my colleague and friend, Stacey Barr this week.  In her seminar, she was making it very …

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The Chief Executive and the Lightbulb: How we think about performance management


As I talked, I noticed that the Chief Executive was no longer listening.  She had gone into that state of …

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Passion is NOT a strategy!

Passion Fruit

OK, I will admit, I am completely fed up reading various web pages, listening to talks and hearing people say, …

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